BMW Limited Slip Differential Upgrade

Upgrading your BMW differential provides tremendous performance improvement. The differential upgrade is a surprisingly easy way to make your BMW accelerate harder and handle better. It’s one of the most overlooked BMW performance modifications!

Our BMW differential upgrade options vary from gear ratio change, a limited slip differential conversion, or limited slip differential rebuild. Tell us what you want and we will custom build a differential to your specifications.

Every custom built BMW differential is fully rebuilt with new seals and bearings. We can also install BMW performance differential bushings to reduce drive-line wind-up and finned differential covers for improved differential cooling.

Benefits of BMW Differential Upgrade:

  • Improved Acceleration
  • Improved Handling
  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Traction

Get all your power to the ground… not tire smoke!

BMW Gear Ratio Change

Changing BMW differential gearing is one of the best performance upgrades you can make.

Matching differential gearing to your driving is crucial to getting the most performance from popular performance upgrades such as intake manifold, exhaust, and camshaft upgrades. Using a shorter (numerically higher) differential ratio you trade some top speed for faster acceleration. A higher differential ratio allows your engine to rev faster. By increasing your RPM quicker your engine gets into its power range faster providing greater acceleration.

Most BMW models have a few factory optional differential ratios available. And there are many aftermarket gear sets available to match your exact gear set needs. Let us help you select the best gear ration for your style of driving.

Liquimoly 75-140LSD in our BMW 330ci M54 B30 track car

Liquimoly 75-140LSD in our BMW 330ci M54 B30 track car

BMW Limited Slip Conversion

Adding a Limited Slip Differential (posi-traction) is recommended for all BMW owners who do not have a factory installed BMW limited slip differential. Especially after adding more horsepower and torque with BMW performance upgrades. Without a limited slip differential only one rear wheel receives power resulting in wheel spin and lost acceleration.

Limited Slip Differential conversion offer more traction for improved handling and acceleration. Limited slip differential will equally distribute power to both wheels preventing wheel spin. This improves acceleration, especially out of corners, and improves vehicle stability.

Many BMW’s are not equipped with a limited slip differential and upgrading is a simple matter of replacing your open differential with a limited slip unit. Depending on your BMW model you can use BMW parts or an aftermarket limited slip differential unit.

E82 with E92 M3 BMW limited slip rear end differential conversion

BMW E82 with E92 M3 limited slip rear end differential conversion with Powerflex differential bushing upgrade, Stoptech brake upgrade, KW suspension dampers.

BMW Limited Slip Differential Benefits

A limited slip differential will balance the power through both rear wheels. With open differentials when one wheel looses traction (spins) the power is transferred to the spinning wheel dramatically affecting acceleration. This drastically decreases acceleration both in straight line, and especially during cornering when the inside tire becomes unloaded due to weight transfer.

BMW Electronic Traction Control

BMW has changed many models to electronic traction control because it works better for average driving conditions. But a limited slip differential is superior for high performance and track car use.

Electronic traction control works by automatically decreasing engine power and applying the brakes to decrease wheel spin. Both of these are not desirable for high performance or race cars. That is why BMW continues to use limited slip differentials in BMW M cars.

BMW Limited Slip Differential Rebuild

High performance driving and track use can quickly wear out your limited slip differential. The differential limited-slip clutch packs can wear to the point where your limited slip differential no long provides traction aid and acts like a standard open differential. This has a negative affect on acceleration and handling.

The decrease in traction aid is very gradual. You probably won’t notice. But you will immediately notice improved traction when your differential is rebuilt and working 100%. You will be amazed how much better a fresh rebuilt limited slip differential will perform!

E36 M3 E46 BMW differential limited slip rebuild

E36 M3 E46 BMW differential limited slip rebuild, shim for proper gear mesh, case paint and differential reseal.

BMW Limited Slip Options

If you have a BMW factory limited slip differential all you may need is a quality differential rebuild.

If you do not have a factory limited slip differential, or need to upgrade to a stronger unit for high horsepower engines or serious track use, there are many aftermarket limited slip differential units available.

We offer aftermarket BMW limited slip differential options including disc-type limited slip units, helical style limited slip units (no clutch packs), and multi-disc variable limited slip differentials.


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