BMW Service and Repair

BimmerService specializes in BMW maintenance diagnostics & repair-- and can handle anything and everything when it comes to keeping your BMW on the road. For more information on our service offerings , or to see how we can help you with your Bimmer - Contact us today!

Don’t spend unnecessarily by continuing to service your car at the dealer if your vehicle is no longer under its factory warranty or service contract. We can perform basic and routine services not covered by BMW from day one of your ownership!

BimmerService by Tyspeed specializes in performing top-notch BMW diagnostics as well. If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, chances are--TYSPEED can fix it. We use factory-type diagnostic tools providing fully versed diagnostics for BMW vehicles 1990-present. BMW programming updates, and aftermarket coding services are available for most models.


BMW M Vehicle Service Specialists


See us for BMW Inspection I & II service on your BMW ‘M’ vehicle including S54 valve adjustments, Differential and transmission fluid services, brake fluid flushes and other specifically recommended services for your BMW M Vehicle .Contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle. We will personally help to identify any needs your BMW M Vehicle may have, and help you prioritize those needs in a cost and time effective solution.

BMW Diagnostics


BMW are excellent cars at the forefront of automotive technology. So if you have an issue with your BMW, and you don’t feel like paying the premium at the BMW dealer, why would you instead turn to a local oil change shop, or someone who isn’t a BMW specialist. Instead you should trust your BMW repair and service work to BMW trained, competent, and well equipped professionals like those at Bimmerservice by Tyspeed.

Tyspeed offers services ranging from precise and knowledgeable diagnostics (fix it right the first time!) through extensive, full service BMW repair or service. We use factory diagnostic software, specialized tools and training to diagnose, repair, and service your precious BMW. Specializing in BMW, we are able to quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively, diagnose and repair your vehicle. With 100% accuracy. Guaranteed!

Often non-specialized repair shops, or shops staffing technicians that are unfamiliar with BMW, will just guess at what is wrong with your car.They bill you unnecessarily for time researching ‘how-to” info on the internet, forums, or “try and error” techniques. This usually results in excess spending for the customer as you are the one paying for their lack of knowledge. Why do that? Why not just bring your BMW to the BMW experts who will do it right the first time, using quality OEM replacement parts, and factory approved service techniques.

BMW Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning


We perform BMW N54+N54+N63 Carbon cleaning/ walnut blasting services. Using a special organic base material we can blast carbon from your intake valves which can clog badly on N54,N55, and N63 V8 Engines. Pricing Starts at $399 + Tax.

Common services we perform

  • Full Diagnostics
  • BMW module replacement + Programming
  • Carbon Cleaning
  • Brake pad and rotor replacement
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Alignments
  • Suspension work including shocks, spring and bushing replacement and upgrade
  • Engine Cooling system maintenance and repairs
  • Climate control + A/C system service
  • Engine air, cabin air, and fuel filter replacement
  • All gasket and seal leak repairs
  • Turbocharger replacement
  • Injector replacement and rebuild services
  • E46 M3 Specific repairs including Vanos overhauls+rebuilds, Rod bearing replacement,Subframe reinforcements, SMG to manual conversions and more (blog post link)
  • E9X M3 Rod bearing replacement (blog post link)
  • M5/M6 Rod bearing replacement

Alignment + Corner Balance Services


BMW Alignment service using state of the art Snap-On laser alignment rack. We have the ability to use either factory or motorsport (custom) specifications when performing an alignment. Using our true, in-depth knowledge of BMW suspension systems + Geometry we can get your car driving straight again, or carving turns at the race track. We perform these services for a variety of vehicles - Not just BMW’s. Contact us today to see if we can help. Pricing starts as low as $149.99.

If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, BimmerService by Tyspeed can fix it.