SMG to Manual Conversion

Become in charge of your own gear shifts, and avoid costly repairs of SMG components by allowing us to convert your SMG E46 M3 to a three pedal car!

Here at Tyspeed, we have performed manual transmission conversions on countless E46 M3’s and others, we have formulated a seamless process with a very short turnaround time.

We employ a bellhousing exchange service and keep converted units on hand to get you in sooner! By request your original bellhousing can be sent out for machining, or alternatively if your transmission has completely failed we will try to source you a good used replacement.
We remove all of the SMG electronics, as none of that will ever be needed again, install all new Genuine BMW pedal parts and clutch hydraulics, and top it all off with a Rogue Short shifter kit.

A couple of benefits of allowing us to perform your service:

Complete vehicle coding and rewrite of the vehicle order

Error Free Dashboard!

All OEM parts

Retain functionality of PDC and cruise control!

***Manual conversions also available for other E chassis models, please inquire***


If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, BimmerService by Tyspeed can fix it.