SMG to Manual Conversion

For e36, e46 Vehicles with Automatic or SMG transmissions

We perform SMG-Manual conversions in house. Having done this job many times, the process is seamless and turn around time is minimal. We start by removing all electronics + components associated with the SMG system, and Install all parts necessary to control the manual transmission. We use either a bell housing conversion service which cuts the cost down considerably over sourcing a “NEW/USED” manual transmission, can source you a true manual gearbox , or you may provide your own! After replacement of the transmission, clutch and flywheel assemblies-we then run all the hydraulic components, and perform the coding to remove the SMG or automatic transmission computer from the system. Lastly, we install a new shifter assembly so you can now row your own gears! Increase the value and the performance of your BMW E46M3!​


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