About the Staff

"A company of enthusiasts dedicated to servicing YOUR Bimmer as if it were our very Own!"


Tyler Pappas

The Owner. Simply put, I LOVE BMW’s! This exciting journey began as a 16 year old when I performed my very first engine swap on my very first car in my parent’s garage in Manasquan, NJ. My enjoyment quickly developed into a true commitment to learn more. Those efforts resulted in my achieving Technical Team Leader status at a prominent New Jersey BMW dealership at just 22 years old.

After several years working for that dealership, I knew my destiny was more. After considerable research and consultation, I decided to take on the challenge of building my own independent BMW business; one that would offer customers something new and something they wanted - a highly personalized and affordable BMW service. One that would combat an ever increasing service cost combined with the disappointing unenthusiastic approach found at most BMW dealer service departments.

Fast forward to the present, I’ve worked on 1000’s of BMW’s earning local and national recognition for performance excellence as a self-proclaimed independent BMW specialist. I’ve effectively transformed my deep passion for BMW mechanics into my own company and brand, Tyspeed .

During more than a decade of individualized customer service as a BMW Center of Excellence, Tyspeed has also entered the world of professional motorsports. We’ve successfully competed in a variety of exclusive events including: Pike’s Peak in 2019, a full national tour of the United States in the well-known Global Time Attack series, New Jersey BMW Club Racing events, several 12 and 24 Hour Endurance races, and an appearance at SEMA. Tyspeed and our fine team of industry specialists have undeniably established ourselves amongst the highest rankings of independent BMW Motorsport shops in the country.

Forever a “student of the game”, I continue to learn by disciplining myself and encouraging our team to the highest levels of performance. As we complete our 6th year of business with hundreds of satisfied and loyal clients, we’re proud to offer our clients the highest level of customer service and dedication that you will not find anywhere else.

Always available and approachable to help with client needs, I encourage you to give us a try. You’ll experience firsthand what BMW Service should be – and be glad you did!


Tom Albut

Office Manager and residential guru of all bmw’s made before 1999. Years of “hands on” Service Advisor experience has taught me that culture, staffing, passion and teamwork resulting in customer satisfaction and referrals is what this business is all about. Simply put, our customers are the reason we’re in business and we expect to earn the privilege of being a true Center of Excellence for...

every customer’s wants and needs.

BimmerService by Tyspeed is a unique Brand; we’re an independent, highly personalized and competitively priced service radically different than a typical BMW dealership or repair center. We’re confident you’ll quickly realize that. Our awesome culture is built around our respective passion for these fine automobiles. It’s built around our individual and collective team knowledge of BMW’s - old to new and unmolested to highly modified performance racers. My responsibility in this effort is to listen, really listen to our customer’s needs and advise or guide as necessary and then coordinate the activity of our fine team of professionals with a common goal of exceeding service and performance modification expectations.

I’m proud to be involved here and look forward to welcoming you to our family of satisfied customers.


Adam Jacobsen

Shop Foreman. Twenty-two years as of 2023 working on anything mechanical, anything with an engine! That’s how passionate I am about what I do.

Early on, I knew intuitively this would be my profession and worked hard to find the best teachers and the best programs...

to expand my education and sharpen my skills. Immediately after completing technical school, I was hand-picked to participate in a highly respected BMW internship program. It was that Program that helped me understand the true meaning of quality and the commitment that BMW engineers and technicians put into every BMW. I was “hooked”. Quality and commitment was also what my customers expected from me and any technician working on their BMW’s. So for the next 15 years I worked almost exclusively on BMW’s at a BMW dealership- every model, every year, every repair for 15 years; and I also achieved the coveted designation of Factory Certified Master Technician. Along that path I coached and mentored numerous other technicians helping them along their own professional journey. I wanted more though; I wanted to assume documented responsibility as Shop Foreman and key escalation technician. I wanted to teach others what I knew. It took me two moves to realize that perhaps only a high-end independent repair shop, without the large corporate mentality would be able to recognize my true value. Enter Tyler Pappas, BimmerService by Tyspeed, and his team of dedicated, and committed BMW professionals at just the right time. Their exponential growth expanding a true BMW Center of Excellence shop, notoriety in Motor Sport racing prowess and a rapidly developing national reputation building BMW race engines required the skills sets of a well vetted Shop Foreman and key escalation technician. So now I’m a part of this wonderful team overseeing and wrenching my way to meeting the highest quality and safety expectations of our customers and furthering the professional growth others, achievement of my own career objectives and goals of this awesome company.


Matt Wyszynski

Lead Technician. Deciding on a professional career one REALLY wants, can certainly be challenging. Like many , I wanted to do something, I liked (a lot!); a job that had meaningful challenges and responsibilities. Work that could make a positive impact on others’ lives. I wanted a solid foundation for my future. In earlier years, a close friend bought a BMW. It was an awesome car...

– and I wanted one.

I quickly began to educate myself in every way possible about these Ultimate driving machines and, knowing I was already technically minded, I began my search for my own first BMW. I Did so much work on that first car, and it resulted in other friends and family asking me to help them with their cars also. While I was having fun and making some money (and enjoying my car!);I then decided to get some formal training- which I did through my first job at the Bimmer Clinic. Having known about Tyspeed for years ,but not yet feeling up to the standard, I continued for the better part of 2 years , before reaching out and making the decision to join Tyspeed. I felt the independent repair shop culture, the other technicians, and the shop itself was where I belonged; all professional technicians with a passion for BMW’s, enjoying the challenges and rewards of working on them to achieve optimal performance. Today, I continue to enjoy working within our team environment and growing professionally; I’m working now primarily on larger projects with more in-depth repairs resulting in maximizing reliability and performance for our customers. I appreciate the trust our customers have in me, our team and Tyspeed and I look forward to the many future projects to come through the doors here.


Tim Garb

My interest in mechanics was fueled by an enthusiastic grandfather who raced boats, loved planes, motorcycles, and had lots of very cool cars. I learned a lot working by his side and used those skills frequently on my first car. I worked hard, saved enough money to buy my “dream car” in 2017 - an E30. I knew then I was going to pursue a career as a technician and that BMW’s were in my blood.

I also knew it was time to get some serious training. I worked for a German Auto Repair shop in Ohio and found myself on a fast track program involving serious wrenching and racing and I loved it. I continued my training and development in NJ as an apprentice at an independent BMW shop for an owner who was a BMW Certified Technician with many years of BMW experience. While employed there and during my planning of permanently relocating back home to New Jersey - I began researching job opportunities and came across Tyspeed- Which seemed to be nearly exactly the type of outfit I had currently been working for in Ohio. . Upon moving home, I had the opportunity to meet the owner, visit the shop and was immediately attracted to the culture, the technicians, and the quality work they performed. I had the opportunity to join this team of specialists -and I did. I take great pride in my ability to inspect, analyze and solve problems, especially with older BMW’s. Here, I’m surrounded by others of like mind. Every day we get the opportunity to work on everything from older E30’s to newer Race cars!

Outside of “work”, I enjoy computers, racing, boats, music festivals, my family and friends and of course, working on my own “project cars”.



Shop Dog. My dad brought me to this crazy place in the beginning of 2020. What a crazy year. Lots of weird noises and loud sounds happen here but I am pretty used to them now. I like to get nice pets during the day from my brothers and the nice people who come in to see me. Dad says I can be a little jumpy but he knows I mean well and I just want people to see me because I am a little short.

I like hiding bones and important things the guys need sometimes around the shop and finding them later. I really like snacks and treats, and antlers. I have a step brother and sister that live in Florida too, where I spend my vacations. I like going to racetracks and zooming around with my dad in his car. If you come here make sure you give me a good pet or I’ll be sad.



My name is Apex. I love taking rides with my dad in his old M5.
I make sure that all of our customer packages are delivered safely and carefully by barking at the delivery men. I love meeting all of our customers as they walk in the door, and I keep them company by sitting next to them when they are waiting for their cars to be done, this usually gets me a few free pets on the head or a belly rub! I Love it when customers bring me treats.

A group of passionate, dedicated BMW enthusiasts committed to servicing your BMW as if it were our very own.