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We’ve Built a few cars to campaign ourselves over the years, starting in 2015 with a Spec E46. Here are a few pictures and videos of our cars in action at tracks around the country.

2002 BMW E46 330i

Our Original Build - a 2002 BMW E46 330i that we ran in Spec E46 and various Enduros. We won the 2015 NJMP Devil In the Dark Enduro with this car which was an awesome accomplishment for the first time we had the car in competition. The build featured a spec class buildout, racing fuel cell for enduros and our first “in house” fabrication of a roll cage and other parts. A super clean car, you could nearly eat off it. It also featured the first use of our now signature copper/orange color scheme.

E36 Race Car

Tyspeed E36 328i Endurance Car

Our E36 Race car still runs strong! We compete in various endurance events with this car including AER. We won the 14 Hours of NJMP in 2021, and Placed Second in 2022. This car may be a little rough on the outside but runs amazingly and features a fully built M52 Engine, Diffs online Transmission and DIfferential, Porsche Brake kit with ABS MK60 Control, AIM data system, Supplementary fuel cell, upgraded cooling system and more. You'll definitely see this car at an enduro near you in the coming future as we intend to continue running it competitively for years to come. It's a great, easy to drive car, and when run unrestricted , will do 1:31’s around NJMP and 2:09’s Around Watkins Glen on 200TW Performance tires.

The Tyspeed M2


The Car that Put Tyspeed on the map!

There is so much content and information out there on this car that I could never begin to write it all here. Please take a look at some of the photos, magazine articles and walk-around videos below to get an idea of what this awesome industry-first build was all about!

As Shot with SpeedHunters Magazine

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