BMW Performance Suspension & Alignment Services

Tyspeed Automotive is a BMW performance suspension specialist. We have extensive race track experience setting up BMW suspensions for performance handling. We apply our knowledge and experience to street performance vehicles, modified track or race cars.

Suspension modification and suspension tuning is one of the most important factors for safety and maximum performance. We can tune your BMW suspension so that it can handle high performance engine modifications and high speed performance of modified BMWs.

What We Do

It starts with the proper selection of parts for how you want your car to perform. Our experience ensures you get the correct parts and setup that result in high performance, race winning results and your ultimate driving satisfaction. We use trusted products from a variety of manufactures including KW, H&R , Ohlins , MCS, JRZ, Ground Control and More . We have the skills and experience to make your car handle like it is on rails!

Performance Suspension Install

After the correct parts have been recommended, the next step is proper performance suspension installation. We don’t just install new parts out of the box. Often high performance coil-over suspensions require settings and adjustment before they are installed on your car. Measuring factors like droop, ride height, overall shock travel, and base damper settings for the application are just a few of the critical factors in quality aftermarket suspension parts installation.

Performance Suspension Tuning

After proper suspension parts installation we custom tune the suspension parts to each individual vehicle. Two important settings are ride height matching and corner-balancing. The goal is to evenly distribute and balance the weight of the car on each tire. This creates neutral handling and balance of weight under both braking and accelerating. This allows you to drive your car to its performance limits with predictable, safe handling.

This high performance tuning of BMW suspension is what makes Tyspeed stand out from many BMW performance shops. Tyspeed has the experience, skill, and equipment to do performance suspension work correctly.

Performance Wheel Alignments + Corner Balancing Services

BMW performance and race car wheel alignments are very different from stock or factory wheel alignments. We use alignment methods and tools perfected by race car techs around the globe as well as our state of the art Snap-ON Laser alignment rack. We adjust your wheel alignment for your driving type and style to maximize the performance of “your” vehicle. Like the parts selected for your BMW, and their installation, the alignment your modified BMW receives is customized for your driving needs.

BMW performance wheel alignment is a routine task but one that can easily be done incorrectly causing unsafe handling characteristics. Incorrect wheel alignment will cause excessive tire temperatures, rapid tire wear, and unresponsive handling.

When looking for a high performance BMW shop with a trusted reputation for performance suspension parts, suspension installation, corner balancing, and performance wheel alignment, and overall BMW performance engineering, look no further!

If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, BimmerService by Tyspeed can fix it.