Rod Bearing Replacement Service

Unfortunately for BMW M Owners of the E46 M3, S85 M5 + M6 , and S65 E9X M3 , there is a known issue with earlier production models which causes significant , premature connecting rod bearing wear. Some of this is attributed to poor material hardness selection on BMW’s part, others to abuse and too-high of engine RPM’s at Low engine temperatures. Things such as prolonged high RPM operation, Track days and other scenarios can promote this premature wear, some of which we have come across on very-low mileage examples. Luckily for our customers, Bimmerservice has considerable internal engine repair knowledge and specifically, with rod bearing replacement services. We are able to offer Rod bearing replacement services on:

  • 2001-2006 Model Year M3 with S54 engine
  • 2008-2013 Model Year M3 with S65 engine
  • 2006-2011 Model Year M5 and M6 with S85 Engine

At all inclusive package pricing with a variety of options for Bolt hardware and bearing type, from Factory OEM to ARP and Coated bearings. Each service normally includes all OE parts, hardware and gaskets associated with the repair, as well as replacement engine mounts, VANOS hardware and other bits, when required.

We have performed many Rod bearing replacements on the entire lineup of BMW engines, and would be happy to quote you today on this service for your M3, M5, M6.

  • S54 Packages start at $1299
  • S65 Packages Start at $2,100
  • S85 Packages Start at $2500

If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, BimmerService by Tyspeed can fix it.