Turbocharged BMW Performance Tuning

Add 30% to 50% power increase to your Turbocharged BMW engine with minimal cost. Get over 400 hp with turbocharged BMW performance ECU tuning and bolt-on parts.

Tyspeed, a BMW performance tuning shop in Jackson NJ, has extensive BMW 135, BMW 335, BMW 535I performance tuning experience specializing in BMW N54, N55 and S55 engines. You can easily get over 400 horsepower from your BMW with our proven Tyspeed BMW tuning process.

Turbocharged BMW power increase is so quick and easy it is scary! Imagine taking your BMW 335 or 535i from stock 280 wheel horsepower to 400+ HP with simple bolt on modifications and fine tuning. All with no internal part modification and minimal cost!

N54 N55 twin turbocharged BMW performance tuning and ECM DME flash near Jackson NJ

BMW N54 N55 twin turbo performance tuning and DME flash ECM


The legendary BMW N54 Twin Turbo, N55 TwinPower Turbo, and S55 Turbo engines are really something special. With no other BMW model can you add power with such simplicity and ease. By using Tyspeed’s proven BMW tuning process you can easily, and reliably have 400+ horsepower from your BMW N54 N55 S55.

BMW Performance Tuning Process

BMW tuning can be done in 3 stages depending on the performance level you want.

1) First stage is to make sure your stock BMW engine and drive-line is operating at peak performance and ready for maximizing power. We recommend a performance BMW tuneup which includes a check for ECU software update is required,  and full inspection of your engine and drive-train to make sure they can withstand a large horsepower increase!

We also recommend performing the following BMW services to maximize performance from your BMW tuning:

  • BMW intake valve carbon cleaning. Removing valve carbon deposits maximizes air flow into the engine.
  • Spark plug replacement with one step colder spark plug. This reduces the chance of engine knock and detonation resulting from higher turbo boost levels;
  • Inspect ignition coils, high pressure fuel system, turbo performance, turbo waste-gate to ensure they are performing 100% and able to support the demand of high turbo boost and engine power.

2) Next, we install a proven Burger Tuning JB4 BMW tuner to adjust the DME (Digital Motor Electronics).  The Burger JB4 tuner has many functions and switches to allow us to adjust the turbo boost controller and power tune your BMW engine controls.

Burger Motorsports BMW tuner distributor installer in jackson njTyspeed is now an Official Dealer and installer of Burger Motorsports tuning products. Please contact us for information about Burger BMW tuners.



3) Then we can perform an optional DME flash which remaps the timing curve, fuel curve, and VANOS curve to optimize your engine and performance parts combination. Tyspeed has factory BMW flash tools that allow us to do a BMW DME flash to optimize any added bolt-on performance parts and modifications.

BMW Bolt-On Modifications

After your basic BMW engine tuning is done, bolt-on modifications can significantly boost horsepower numbers. From years of testing we know which BMW bolt-on parts work, and which parts don’t, when it comes to making BMW power. Some aftermarket parts manufacturers simply do not make quality parts that fit or perform like they claim. Over the years we have learned who produces the best BMW performance parts!

With the help of our friends at UltraRev.com we have selected various aftermarket BMW performance parts that work best to take your BMW to the next level of performance.

Recommended BMW Performance Bolt-On Parts

With the addition of an aftermarket parts, and custom tuning for your combination of parts, we have seen near 500WHP on stock turbos and engine internals.

Stage One bolt-ons can provide gains of 125+ hp:

  • BMW high-boost safe aluminum charge pipe​ ​by Evolution Raceworks ;
  • N54 blow-off valve;
  • Mishimoto ​Performance Intercooler;
  • BMW high flow exhaust turbocharger downpipe from VRSF or Megan Racing​.

Stage Two bolt-ons take your BMW power one step further using:

  • BMW performance intake manifold upgrade
  • Custom BMW performance exhaust system
  • BMW Turbocharger​ ​upgrade
  • BMW Methanol injection kit​ by Snow Performance
  • High pressure BMW fuel pump upgrade from Burger Tuning ​

Whether it be mild or wild, bolt-on parts, or full engine build, we can help you take your turbocharged BMW to the next level safely, and affordably.

Tyspeed Automotive stands by their craftsmanship and believes that through the correct selection of quality parts and professional, qualified installation, there is a big difference in results between us and the “other” guys.

Call us today to learn more.