BMW Twin Turbo

We also recommend performing the following BMW services to maximize performance from your BMW tuning:

  • BMW intake valve carbon cleaning. Removing valve carbon deposits maximizes air flow into the engine.
  • Spark plug replacement with one step colder spark plug. This reduces the chance of engine knock and detonation resulting from higher turbo boost levels;
  • Inspect ignition coils, high pressure fuel system, turbo performance, turbo waste-gate to ensure they are performing 100% and able to support the demand of high turbo boost and engine power.

2) Next, we install a proven Burger Tuning JB4 BMW tuner to adjust the DME (Digital Motor Electronics).  The Burger JB4 tuner has many functions and switches to allow us to adjust the turbo boost controller and power tune your BMW engine controls.

3) Then we can perform an optional DME flash which remaps the timing curve, fuel curve, and VANOS curve to optimize your engine and performance parts combination. Tyspeed has factory BMW flash tools that allow us to do a BMW DME flash to optimize any added bolt-on performance parts and modifications.