Internal Engine Repairs & Replacements

Unlike many shops out there, Bimmerservice prides itself on its ability to handle large, complex repairs such as M5,M6, X5, X6/M V8 Engine Replacements and repairs. On the average we build or rebuild 6-8 Engines per year, in house, for a variety of applications. As a result, we have a significant knowledge base and experience in internal engine diagnostics and repairs, over other shops. From M10 Engines for a 1970 2002, to Complex Turbo + Supercharged V8’s we are able to build, rebuild and repair all BMW Engines. WOrking with a variety of aftermarket suppliers we can also supply pre-remanufactured engines from partners such as RK Autoworks in Ft. Worth Texas, sometimes within just a few days time!

If you are in need of engine replacement for your 4.4 V8 in your X5, 650i,750i, X6, M5 or M6 , please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have done the job many times, normally saving our customers THOUSANDS and Thousands of dollars over dealer engine replacement costs, and are usually able to provide you with more than one option.

We have also built and rebuilt many of BMW’s 6 Cylinder engine offerings including about a half dozen S52 B32’s , and Several N55 engines, one of which produced 505WHP and is 700WHP capable, and another which was out of a front running Pirelli World Challenge M235iR.


If your BMW has an issue that another shop can’t fix, BimmerService by Tyspeed can fix it.