Tyspeed Automotive provides expert Freehold NJ BMW services. We are passionate about BMW and possess the passion, prowess, and dedication to provide each customer with world-class services.  We welcome new customers to stop by to receive a free evaluation and inspection of BMW vehicle. We will personally help to identify any needs your BMW may have, and help your prioritize those needs in a cost and time effective solution.  A few of the Freehold BMW services we provide are:

Freehold NJ BMW Diagnostics

We provide exceptional BMW diagnostics. If your BMW has an issue that another shop could not identify,Bring it to Tyspeed.  We use factory BMW ISTA D-P tools providing fully versed diagnostics for BMW vehicles 1990-Present. Additionally, programming and encoding is available for all models.

Freehold BMW Services

Freehold BMW Maintenance

If you are still taking your BMW to the dealer for your BMW’s routine repairs and maintenance, you’re over paying by 100’s and thousands of dollars.  When it comes to routine BMW maintenance and repairs, Tyspeed can it all. We welcome new customers to come by the shop for a free evaluation and inspection.  We also provide Inspection I, II services on your BMW M vehicle including valve adjustments, fluid flushes, brake replacement, spark plug replacement; Carbon blasting for BMW N54/55 engines, and more.


Freehold BMW Restoration 

Tyspeed specializes in Classic BMW restoration and refurbishing.  Since first getting involved with the BMW brand, we have been restoring and reconditioning70-80-90’s BMWs.  Our experience ranges from restoring two E30 325i’s , a 635csi, and a 3.0CS  and a Porsche 911. Additionally, we have considerable experience in: Paint prep and rust repair, complete mechanical refurbishment, motor replacement, motor rebuilds, suspension and chassis repair, cosmetic/ trim repairs, and more. See us for free consultation before starting a restoration project or build!

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