Freehold BMW Repair Service

Tyspeed is a Freehold BMW Repair Service shop. Many BMW owners have a hard time believing that when their BMW breaks down or needs service out of warranty – that you can take it elsewhere than the dealership. Thankfully there are independent BMW specialist out there – like Tyspeed Automotive – that specialize in just one marque (BMW)  for complete diagnostics, repair and service needs. While we may not have the espresso machine or the free loaner cars – we have something the dealers often do not – the determination and skills to fix your BMW right the first time, on time, and on budget.

While the BMW dealer is approaching $150/hour, and charges nearly 100% markup on parts, independent BMW specialist shop like Tyspeed Automotive charges less than $100 an hour, and works hard to get good deals on factory original BMW parts and accessories at a lower cost you’d pay walking into a BMW dealership – all this – while being able to provide you with much of the same training, equipment, and tooling to effectively diagnose, repair, or modify your BMW.

Freehold Area BMW Service

Tyspeed Automotive features BMW as their sole concentration of business to provide you with the best possible service when getting your BMW repaired. Our immaculate 8,000 sq.ft. working environment, provides a clean place for all repairs and projects performed in house, from big to small. Our shop labor rate is $95/hr, technicians are fully insured and ASE Certified. And we offer rental cars to customers with repairs taking longer than one day. All estimates are written in full and given to the customer for approval before any tools even touch the car. We pride ourselves on being very upfront and transparent in all facets of the repair process.

Independent BMW specialist

There are many good reasons to take your BMW to an independent BMW specialist, so the next time your BMW vehicle needs service, repair or diagnostics call or stop by Tyspeed Automotive for a helping hand in your car’s needs. Just ask someone who has! Tyspeed Automotive is located at 340 Bismark Road in Jackson NJ. 2 Miles off exit 21 on 1-95 and 10 minutes from downtown Freehold NJ. Call, click, or stop in today!