Classic BMW Repair and Restoration in New Jersey

Restoration of a car can mean a lot of things to different people. It can be as simple as bringing a classic car back to reliable driving condition, all the way to a complete off-frame tear down “every last nut and bolt” ground up restoration.

Either way, restoration work requires dedication, passion, and a much different skill level from general BMW repair. TYSPEED Automotive, along with its affiliate partner Powerslide Motorsports LLC, is quickly gaining an excellent reputation for their classic BMW restoration services among many satisfied classic BMW owners throughout Michigan and the tri-state area.

Rumson Classic BMW Restoration & Classic Porsche Restoration

Classic BMW Restoration

For many people a restoration project starts out like this:

  1. You spend countless nights online trying to locate the classic BMW of your dreams.
  2. You find “the” one. You buy it in an online auction and have it shipped to your door.
  3. Upon first sight you find the car has extensive problems that were not disclosed during the auction and you immediately find yourself repeatly in the repair shop rather than behind the wheel of “your” classic BMW.
  4. Time goes by and your project slowly gets forgotten, or put aside because of work, family, or frustration with an unreliable vehicle. Sometimes your project car never sees the light of day again.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Get your BMW restored correctly.

Quality BMW restoration shops are few and far between. Most just take your money and produce a substandard vehicle that to an untrained eye may look great, but to a professional, is cut-rate at best.

Tyspeed BMW Repair and Restoration

TYSPEED is quickly becoming known as a top notch BMW restoration shop. Specialists in 1970s-2000s BMW, Tyspeed Automotive and Powerslide Motorsports, with their combined mechanical and fabrication experience, personalized and dedicated service have what it takes to get your BMW restoration project complete to perfection and on the road. Where you can enjoy it!

Service Area

TYSPEED Automotive LLC offers expert classic BMW restoration service in Jackson, NJ. They serve the central New Jersey area including Monmouth County, Ocean County, Jackson NJ, Matawan NJ, Marlboro NJ, Freehold NJ, Millstone NJ, Colts Neck NJ, Manalapan NJ, Wall Township NJ, Manasquan NJ, Rumson NJ, and many more.

For more information on BMW restoration or repair services please contact TYSPEED today at (732)-547-9403