Services We Offer

BMW Repair and Maintenance

TYSPEED does all general BMW repair and service. We can perform all your routine BMW service and repair.

BMW Inspection

See us for BMW Inspection I & II service on your BMW ‘M’ vehicle including valve adjustments, fluid flushes, brake replacement, spark plug replacement, carbon blasting for N54/N55 engines, and more. Your BMW will last a lifetime if serviced properly.

Stop by for a free BMW inspection and evaluation of your vehicle. We will personally help to identify any needs your BMW may have, and help your prioritize those needs in a cost and time effective solution.

BMW Dealer Quality (without the dealer price)

Stop taking your out of warranty BMW to the dealer!!! Stop over-paying by 100’s and thousands of dollars for your BMW’s routine repairs and maintenance.

BMW Diagnostics

TYSPEED Automotive is first and foremost known for top-notch BMW diagnostics. Got a problem with your BMW another shop can’t fix? TYSPEED uses factory BMW ISTA D-P tools providing fully versed diagnostics for BMW vehicles 1990-Present. Programming and encoding available for all BMW models.

Common BMW Problems

BMW Check Engine Light is usually the first indicator of a problem. Some problems require your immediate attention (e.g. engine temperature or low engine oil), others are advising you to have the vehicle checked by a BMW mechanic. If you have a Check Engine Light on just phone us and we can usually recommend what to do over the phone.

List of common BMW problems:

  • Faulty cooling system
  • Electrical system problem
  • Engine problem
  • Fuel injection problem
  • Engine vacuum leak
  • Cracked intake boots
  • CCV issues
  • Climate control problem
  • Steering wheel vibrates when braking
  • Rough engine idle
  • Interior climate control blower motor does not operate

Early diagnoses of problems can significantly save on BMW repair costs. Photo use if you have any questions.

BMW Performance Tuning & Flashing

Ready to add horsepower to your Turbo BMW? Tyspeed Offers custom tuning maps for Burger Tuning products for all supported engines, and can “back end flash” all BMW models using the BMW N54 model engine through open source flashing techniques. Proper Configuration of your aftermarket tuner is important to getting maximum HP, and keeping your boosted car safe.

See our page on BMW performance tuning and ECU flashing.

BMW Performance Modifications  

TYSPEED has you covered for all aftermarket and performance installs for your BMW. Tyspeed has experience and proficiency with the following installations:

  • BMW coil-over conversion
  • BMW corner balancing
  • BMW brake upgrade
  • BMW inter-cooler
  • BMW charge pipe
  • BMW performance intake system
  • BMW performance exhaust
  • BMW headers
  • BMW Performance camshaft
  • BMW turbo upgrade
  • BMW software upgrade
  • BMW short shift kit
  • BMW performance clutch and flywheel replacement
  • LSD differential upgrade for BMW
  • BMW track preparation.
  • There is nothing we can’t do!

BMW Restoration

Do you have a 70-80-90’s BMW that needs restoration or reconditioning?

TYSPEED has been doing Classic BMW restoration and refurbishing since first getting involved with the BMW brand. Tyler has personally restored two E30 325i’s, a 635csi, a 3.0CS, and many others.

TYSPEED has extensive experience with:

  • BMW rust repair,
  • paint prep,
  • complete BMW mechanical refurbishment,
  • motor replacement,
  • BMW motor rebuild,
  • BMW suspension and chassis repair,
  • cosmetic and trim repair,
  • and much more.

See us for a free BMW restoration consultation before starting a BMW restoration project or build!

BMW classic restoration in Jackson NJ and central NJ