The BMW E46 M3 is often regarded as one of the best BMW. Performance for your dollar is high, and entry to the owner’s club can be had for a mere $12-15,000. Make no mistake however, these vehicles are high strung, race bred machines that need care and feeding more often than most owners may know.

BMW E46 M3 Services

Tyspeed Offers highly competitive pricing on many E46 M3 services. From a completeE46 M3 inspection II, E46 M3 valve adjustment, E46 M3 rod bearing replacement, and more, we have you and your car covered.

E46 M3 valve adjustment

The 333hp 3.2L Inline-6 engine in the E46 M3 uses a valve-train that is a little unusual for most modern day street cars, which, allows for high RPM operation. Utilizing small shims on the top of the valve placed between the rocker arm and the camshaft, highly accurate valve lash adjustment can be made to return it to factory specification. A valve adjustment is a relatively simple process, but it is very tedious, time consuming, and precision is key. few technicians have the patience to do it correctly. Tyspeed has performed countless E46 M3 valve adjustments, and takes pride in making the extra effort to get the valve lash absolutely perfect, leaving your S54 to idle and run like a sewing machine.

S54 Variable Cam Timing

Another important service item not to be neglected on your S54 is it’s VANOS or Variable cam timing adjuster mechanism. The VANOS unit on your S54 is a highly complex piece of automotive technology, and neglect and abuse over the years and mileage can leave your s54 chattering, clicking, and generally very noisy. This happens for a few reasons, beginning first with the all important Cam Gear Bolts which are known to break!

E46 M3 Cam Gear bolts

If your E46 M3 camshaft gear bolts have not been replaced it is highly advised that a BMW cam gear bolt inspection be performed. This is commonly done during a E46 M3 valve adjustment or E46 M3 inspection II service. Failure of these bolts can cause engine destruction.

BMW E46 M3 cam bolt replacement Jackson NJ

BMW E46 M3 cam bolt wear and failure. Cam bolts should be inspected for wear and replaced before they break.

Common BMW VANOS Problems

BMW VANOS problems are not limited to worn or broken cam bolts. Other known failures including failure of the exhaust cam hub which drives the oil pump powering the whole VANOS system. Over time, and due to manufacturing tolerances, the 2 oil pump drive ears can fail causing a complete loss of VANOS function and can cause significant catastrophic damage.

Jackson NJ BMW E46 M3 exhaust cam hub failure

BMW E46 M3 exhaust cam hub failure. Regular maintenance inspection can prevent catastrophic engine failure.

These two main issues plague many if not all E46 M3 models and, if not addressed, can destroy your engine. These common E46 M3 engine problems can be prevented with regular inspection. Regular BMW maintenance is good value for these high performance cars!

Tyspeed has all the special tools and experience to service your S54 engine, from minor services to major repairs and modifications. Tyspeed Automotive LLC offers professional and affordable BMW services for the BMW E46 M3 and other BMW models.

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