Do you own a modern MINI Cooper (2002-present)? If you do, likely you know that modern MINIs are manufactured and serviced by the BMW brand. New Jersey MINI dealers are scarce and difficult to get appointments with. Tyspeed Automotive, an independent BMW specialist repair shop would like you to know that MINI diagnostics, MINI repair services, and MINI maintenance are all not a problem for us.

MINI Cooper repair shop near Freehold NJ

MINI Cooper repair and service

Special Tools

Using the same MINI diagnostic equipment and training as the MINI dealership, as well as many of the factory MINI special tools, Tyspeed can service, repair, and modify your MINI Cooper with the same trusted service expertise as  the BMW’s we know all too well.

Special Cars – Special Owners

MINI’s are unique little cars that usually boast an enthusiastic owner who usually cares very much for their car. Tyspeed goes the extra mile when meeting the needs of these enthusiast owned cars by fully explaining our service & repair process, your vehicle’s upcoming needs, and ways to keep your precious MINI in tip-top shape.

MINI Cooper Performance & Customization

Looking to customize your Mini Cooper and get more power from its either supercharged or turbocharged engine?

Or maybe when carving those highway off-ramps you have noticed the suspension just doesn’t feel like it used to?

Tyspeed has a slew of tips and tricks to be applied to MINI’s from supercharger and turbocharger upgrades, ECU flash tunes, coilover and suspension bushing upgrade, or maybe even brake upgrades to slow that quick MINI down! If you can dream it, we can build it. With lots of MINI performance experience building a 200+ HP MINI is not a problem for us!

MINI Cooper Problems

Many first generation MINI Coopers are plagued with many obscure and expensive problems. Whether your MINI Cooper needs a Check Engine Light fix or Service Engine Soon light repair, warning light diagnostic, MINI engine repair, MINI suspension repair, or MINI brake repair, we have you covered. Tyspeed is familiar with all of the common MINI Cooper issues and know how to prevent many of them from occurring with proper maintenance. In many cases simple, routine maintenance can save you money down the road. We would be happy to do a MINI Cooper inspection and provide advice on how best to care for your MINI.

Carbon Blasting

MINI’s are prone to carbon build-up on their engine valves. Tyspeed has the special equipment to do BMW MINI MINI carbon blasting service. This factory approved procedure cleans the carbon without having to take the engine apart. It lowers the cost from thousands to just hundreds of dollars. We can normally have your MINI in and out of the shop on the same day. For more information about our carbon blasting service.

Call Tyspeed Automotive at (732) 547 9403 for all your Central NJ MINI diagnostic, repair, and performance needs.